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Friday, March 10, 2017

A light bulb moment - I'm excited!

Yes I am very excited. I have just come up with a great idea for getting all my ink pads and ink refills, without breaking the bank.

We have a place up the coast that we head up to quite often. When we are up there I like to grab my card supplies and have a little play. Up until now I have been trudging all my inks up there and then trudging them all the way home. My husband suggested I should leave them up there. Of course I would love to do that, but I need them down here as well and who can afford to have an extra set of ink pads in all the colour families?

Light bulb moment!!

Why not use the Uninked spots and Ink Refills

The Uninked spots have 5 in the packet, so I would need 2 packs. I then thought about making a box for them all. Uh oh, another light bulb moment. Why not house them in the Stamp Cases that we sell?

Full Wide Stamp Cases (4 cases) 127551 $12.00

When I worked all this out the cost came to $91 and of course it is Sale A Bration, so I get a free product. I think I have solved my problem and get rewarded for it as well.

Here is the break down...
Full Wide Stamp Cases (4 cases) 127551 $12.00
Uninked Stampin' Spots (Pack of 5) 141822 $15.75 (I need 2 packs)
Brights Classic Stampin' Ink Refills 10 Bottles 131162 $47.50

So, guess who is putting an order in for ALL the colour families (Brights, Subtles, Regals & In Colors)? Not only will I save myself some dollars by buying the Refills in bulk, I will be rewarded with a gift or two and no more trudging my inks back and forth. Yipee!!

If you like this idea and also want a Sale A Bration freebie then email me or go online and place an order yourself.

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