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This is a link to the New 2018-2019 Catalogue

If you would like to receive a Gift Certificate for a friend or maybe you want someone to give you one, then contact me and I will organise a beautiful handmade Gift Certificate

My contact details 
Phone 0402441964

Catalogue, and Stampin’ Up! products can be purchased from me online without having to attend a party, class or workshop. Grab a cuppa and browse through the latest If you would like your own catalogue, contact me for a copy or better still book a workshop and I can walk you through all the great products. If you are in an isolated area you don't have to miss out on any of these beautiful products. I can organise the products to be shipped straight to your door.

Stampin' Up! have so many gorgeous products, if you would like to order any of them, I am happy to be able to help you out or you can head on over to my Online Shop and get them shipped straight to your door.

*Note: If the order is over $250 please contact me so that you receive Stampin Rewards

If you use the latest monthly Host Code I will send you a Thank You gift from me.

This is the June Host code QT9EZTTK (if this is not updated please contact me for the newest code)

You can order online or place your order with me through Direct Deposit, Money Order or Credit Card (by phone).

If your order is under $120, postage is only $5.95, and if your order is over $120 it’s 5% of the total order.

Host Codes:

Q: What is a host code?
A:  It's a code that lets you go online to place an order rather than waiting for me to put in an order.
Also it allows you to place an online order to a Stampin' Up! party's group order. You may have been invited to a party and have been unable to attend. Host codes allow you to add to the parties order and so will the benefit the host. So even though you cannot be physically present to contribute to their workshop totals you are in fact being included when calculating their stampin rewards.

Additionally, since online customer orders can include Clearance Rack items there is now a way to tie those purchases to your party totals for the purposes of calculating host benefits.

Q: What does a host code look like?
A: A host code is an eight-character code (click on the image below to see the Host code)

Q: Can an online order with a host code contain Clearance Rack items?
A: Yes!

Q. How do I get a host code?
A. Contact me and I will give you the code (they will change each month) or book a party.  This can be a traditional party, a catalogue party, a club, a private class…  The possibilities are endless.

Q. How do I get a host code if I am an invited guest?
A. Contact your hostess!

Q: Is the host code case sensitive?
A: No

Q: How long is a host code valid?
A: The host code, if used at a party, is valid from the creation until the party is closed – usually 7 – 10 days after the party date.
The host code created by me for Online shoppers is open at the beginning of each month and closed at the end of the month.

Q: What if a customer tries to place an order with a code after it has closed?
A: A message will alert the customer that the code is no longer valid if it has already closed. 

Q: Can an online order customer ship their order with the party order to keep shipping costs to a minimum?
A: No, online orders are independent of the party order and online order shipping rates apply.

Q: Will online customer orders contribute to the party shipping costs?
A: Online customer orders will be charged normal shipping costs for their order. The party order will be charged for shipping on the non-online customer order items only.

Q: If an online order total qualifies for Stampin' Rewards, will the customer receive them even if they enter a Host Code?
A: No, Stampin' Rewards earned prior to entering a Host Code will be removed if the customer applies a host code. Customers who enter a host code at the beginning of their shopping experience will not be notified that they qualify for Stampin' Rewards since they elected to apply them to the workshop through the host code. (If your order qualifies for rewards you are better off not using the host code)

Q: Can a workshop order solely contain online customer orders with host codes?
A: The workshop order must have at least one item before it can be closed, regardless of any online customer orders attached with the host code.

Stampin' Rewards:
If your workshop order is $250 or over you’ll also qualify for Stampin’ Rewards!

Stampin rewards with zena kennedy independent stampin up demonstrator

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