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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The saga of my froggy

I love frogs. I especially love the huge green frogs that used to live inside our downpipes and croak happily every time it rained. Over the years friends and family have given me a collection of frogs and last year my darling husband found a perfect one for me that was going to be my Christmas present. He had been visiting a gallery in Montville with his cousin from New Zealand when he found it. He was so excited and told them that I would absolutely love it and that he had to hide it till Christmas.

Well that was in July, so after a few months of going on trips and working around our home, the frog was forgotten till Christmas came around. On Christmas day I received a lovely voucher for a pamper day. His cousin emailed from NZ asking how I had enjoyed my special Christmas present. I said I was thrilled with the pamper day. Nooooo, what happened to the special pressie. Yep, you guessed it, froggy could not be found. Well the panic and racking of the brain came up blank. Pulling out cupboards and draws also turned a blank. Finally just a few weeks ago I was in our spare wardrobe going through some winter clothes and guess what I found hanging in a paper bag on a coat hanger!

Yep my froggy. I am so thrilled with it, the photo does not do it justice. The frog is hiding in the gum leaves, isn't it so lovely. If anyone would like one of their own or any of Lindsay Muirs other creations then check out his website. I love his snakes too, although that may not be everyone's cup of tea.

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  1. Love that you were able to enjoy your froggie after all. Gotta love putting presents in that "safe place" for later. Just thought it was probably in the cupboard while we were there last November.


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