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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Project Life

Memory keeping is a lot like exercise: we all want to see results, but it’s a challenge putting in the time and effort. However, while there’s still no magic pill to give us that perfect body, there is a great solution to make memory keeping much simpler...Project Life!

 Project Life is a great memory-keeping solution that makes it easy to record everything from simple everyday activities to once-in-a-lifetime experiences all year long. All you need to get started is an album, photo pocket pages, a card collection—and some photos, of course!

There are no complicated layouts to design, just slip your pictures into photo pocket pages and add cards from a card collection to quickly create fun, colourful layouts. If you’ve never tried Project Life, you’re missing a great opportunity for easily capturing your memories.

Project Life zena kennedy stampin up demonstrator

If you need an introduction, then get started with some basics. The Memories in the Making Project Life Card Collection (140573) and Accessory Pack (140574) are a perfect way. I encourage you to get started, since they work well for any season.

Want to do a class? 

Come see how Project Life is the easiest way to preserve your memories. All you need are your photos, an album, page protectors and a card collection. ’ I encourage you to finally do something with all those pictures you have stuck on your smart phone or laptop or tucked away in shoe boxes.

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