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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Thank you for a great morning

The invite just went out yesterday and 4 people responded. I had my studio set up and each person was shown how to make a card. One of the ladies had never made a card in her life before I sat with her and showed her how to create the cards and she only took a few minutes to master it and looked like she had been crafting for years. I think she is a natural.

We even had beautiful hand made envelopes, donated by one of our Paper Angels. Thanks Liz Collett they looked beautiful.

I had set up 3 stations, each station had a different card. After I gave them a quick tutorial on how to create each card, the ladies set to work and made a few each of the cards at each station and then moved to the next one.

We had an absolutely fun, productive morning, all up 72 cards made, envelopes matched and packed in cello bags ready to go. 

A very, very big thank you to all that came to help. This is only the first of many, so if you are keen to help, please contact me so I can organise the next free card making day.

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