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Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Christmas tradition and my trusty Envelope Punch Board

Each year I give my friend a Christmas Ornament. I like to find something handmade as she is a quilter and loves anything handmade. This year I found a lovely glass Angel and I found it from a new shop opened at Wellington Point called Quirkylicious. The best thing about this is, that it is run by a Paper Angel (a Stampin' Up! colleague) So I am very excited that I have found a lovely gift for my friend and at the same time can promote a lovely shop.

Envelope Punch board box made for angel stampin up

Of course I am still addicted to the Envelope Punch Board, sooooo, I had to make a box to hold the Angel. She nestles quite nicely in this box. If you are wondering how I got the measurements for the box I will try and explain how you can make any size box using these rules.

(I am using inches as I find it easier for my brain)
If the card or in this case Angel measures 41/4" x  51/2" Find the closest card measurement on your Envelope Punch Board. I was lucky there was a card size for 41/4" x  51/2". Then check the paper size you need. In this case it said 8x8.

Now this is the rule - add 11/4" So you need to cut your Paper Size to 91/4" Now place it on the Score line that it says, for me that was 31/2", punch and score. Move the paper along one inch to 41/2 (I only wanted my box one inch deep), punch and score. Now turn the paper and just follow the score lines punching and scoring all the way. If this sounds a little confusing this is all that you need to know.
  • Add 11/4" to any paper size and then use the usual score measurements for that size . 
  • Slide along one inch for the depth of the box. I found one inch was a good depth. That's it. I hope you have fun making some boxes using these rules.
This is the box for my Angel

Envelope Punch board box made for angel stampin up

Lovely angel in Envelope Punch board box made for angel - stampin up

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