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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

One hundred minus one

Yesterday I went to Bluecare to take my usual card class with the residents. I have been volunteering there for over 4 years and love the people that attend my classes.                    Of course there are a few teacher's pets. Oz is one of these special people. He has been coming from the very first day and has improved in his card making skills over the years. 
Because of my husbands health, I had missed an entire month and Oz's birthday. So yesterday in class he told me he had received lots of cards for his  "One hundred minus one" birthday. Isn't that just the cutest way of saying you are 99.

Here is a picture of Oz and I, taken yesterday. He wanted me to show everyone that even a one hundred minus one person can make cards.


  1. That's a lovely thing to do! Oz made great cards!

    1. Thank you, it is amazing watching what he can do now. When he started 4 years ago he couldn't manage the glue sticks, so I changed to snail and he just glides over the card. He even uses the punches with a little extra squeeze from me.

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! Oz has a very special place in your heart Zena!!! I remember many stories.. He's AMAZING!!! Well done and Happy 100-1 Birthday Oz!!! xxoo

    1. Yes he is an amazing man and I look forward to my Mondays


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