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Friday, September 2, 2016

Unusual visitor to my craft studio

Today I got not a skerrick of crafting done, but it was a very interesting day. My craft studio is located under my house and is my little haven. This afternoon I had been in it cutting up some card and sorting out an upcoming Bluecare class. I decided to call it a day and was about to slide the door closed when I wondered what had just gone across my foot. I looked down to see a beautiful snake slithering into my room. Yes he was beautiful I'm not sure exactly what type of Python he was but something like this.

My first thought was what could I use to get him out. Second thought was, don't be silly, if you leave he will go somewhere and then you won't be able to find him. So I grabbed the phone and sat down and kept watch on his slithering movements and rang my friend. I asked her to ring me as soon as I hung up so that my husband who was upstairs, would answer the phone and she could ask him to come down. She did.

My husband came down and moved the fridge, yes, Mr Python had slithered under the fridge. He wasn't happy at being found so slithered across the room trying to find another place to hide. He was amazing to see as he was sooooo long when he was all stretched out about 6 feet. My husband picked him up, and put him in a polystyrene box. He was then taken up to the local park and released. A much better place than my craft room.

I know many of you will think this would have been an awful experience. Far from it, I was thrilled to see such a beautiful creature close up. Mind you Red Bellied Black or Brown snake and  I would not be saying this.

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