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Saturday, September 3, 2016

More visitors from the garden...

You can tell it is Spring, all the creatures are stirring. Another little critter was making its way to my craft room door this morning. Looks like everyone wants to comes to my classes.

A little more manageable than yesterdays visitor. He is a Red Triangle Slug. You can't see his sides but they have a red line running down them. The triangle on his back has a small hole and I thought he may have been hurt, but I did some research and found that it is his breathing hole. How amazing!!!

This is what Mr Google says....
The Red Triangle Slug is usually found grazing on microscopic algae growing on the surface of smooth-barked eucalypt trees, leaving behind scalloped tracks as it goes. If given the chance, it will also remove bathroom mould.

So, as though that wasn't enough from Mother Nature I get blessed with a Blue Tongue Lizard. This one was not trying to come to classes, I disturbed him in the garden. Isn't he lovely. He started to flatten himself so he could escape under the piece of timber nearby.

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