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Friday, May 29, 2015

An Apple is for eating - yes/no!!

What is this crazy woman saying in her title? An Apple is for eating - of course.  I love them especially the Pink Lady and if you have ever been to New Zealand you will find some of the crispest and juiciest apples.

So why the "No"?  If you are an Apple user you will know that they are not juicy or crisp but you love, love love them, so intuitive and easy to use and mostly safe from virus attacks.

Ok, stop rambling Zena and tell your story!!
Before I was a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator I worked in IT and was very familiar with working on computers. So I am often called upon by my Paper Angels team members to help them set up their blogs or write a few lines of html for them. Last night I was called upon to help Shelagh with a few problems she was having on her blog.

Zena and Shelagh two Paper Angels working on a blog

I am a Windows user and Shelagh is an Apple user, soooo steep learning curve. If I want to delete a letter I hit delete and the letter in front of my cursor is deleted. With the Apple it is the letter behind the cursor. So funny, spent so much time deleting the wrong letters. Then comes the Command button. If I want to copy something I highlight it and press Control C, the Apple is Command C. All sounds simple doesn't it but it made for some interesting mistakes.

Lots of laughter from Liz and Shelagh who are always telling everyone how smart I am with computers. It made them feel better seeing me struggle with the different commands. We finally got a couple of posts sorted out, with lots of note taking and even imparting some html coding for Shelagh to use.

So I think I shall stick with Windows and eat my juicy apples, unless Santa brings me an IPad haha.

Have a great day...

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