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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mens business made for womens fun...

Bet that title had you guessing! Just me trying to be a bit clever, not sure if it worked but ah well, let me explain.
My dear husband was being installed in his club and part of that installation was for his wife to provide the activities for the morning. To me the best activity when you don't know everyone very well is card making.

I decided to use the Tag It stamp set as Stampin* Up! donate $3.00 to our Ronald McDonald House for every stamp set sold. My thought was that each person make two cards. They keep one and then give me back the other so that I can pack them up and give them to Ronald McDonald House. Everyone thought this was a great idea and some even donated both their cards. This has made me think about having a few sessions of card making and also donating them to Ronald McDonald House in the future, so stay tuned.

Also I decided to make Thank You cards for everyone that attended. As it was a Tuxedo event I thought a card with a Tux on the front would be perfect. I made 90, and everyone loved them.

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