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Sunday, November 18, 2012

While storms raged outside...

Just beat the heavens opening up thank goodness. What a terrific storm the trees were bent to near breaking point. AND all the while all the Stampin Up Demonstrators and their friends were safe inside the Convention Centre creating a storm of their own with card, ink, stamps, big shots, brayers etc. It was Brisbanes turn for the Heartfelt Event and I was very proud to be one of the demonstrators in the Product Playground area. Anna Wheaton, Genelle Little and myself were on the Brayer table. What is a Brayer you are all asking? Well it is now fast becoming one of my favourite tools. If you have been following my blog for a while you will realise I am a little bit arty farty and the brayer has just given me another tool to play ladies with. Although I did actually do a few cards without my ladies. I'll post some of them in the next few days.
So here's a breakdown of the day......

Arrived at the Convention Centre and set up the Brayer display boards and sorted out what we were all doing.
The doors opened at 10am and then the fun began. I was first up on the table and introduced some demonstrators into a brand new world of fun and creativity. Many had bought brayers and now really experimented. (This is yet another of the things I like about Stampin Up. Product Playground lets you play with the product and learn how to use it). I have a feeling that there might be a few brayered cards making their way into homes this christmas.

12.30pm Anna took over and I had a very quick lunch before heading off to the Handmade gifts presentation by Ruth Clarke. She came up with some innovate ways to create easy and beautiful gifts out of our yummy fabric. I think a few of my dear friends may be getting some of these for pressies in  the near future.

Next I did a quick dash around the display area and took a few pics of all the lovely displays. No time to dilly dally though as it was then into another presentation by Sophie Zadeh on Decorations. Oh my goodness is all I can say. I wanted to go home and play straight away. Stay tuned as I will be posting photos of her decorations shortly.
By this time it was 2.30pm and I'm thinking, where has the day gone and will I cover everything? Had a quick cup of coffee to recharge the batteries and then off to the greatest presentation by Liz Collett.
Now I know I could be a bit biased as Liz is my upline but she had the most awesome Gingerbread house cards and her Wish jar was so innovative and I love how she created cards out of the Simply Scrappin Kits. She just blows me away with her creativity. I am so glad I am part of her team.
Straight after Liz was a presentation by Kirsty Brown, what a wag she is. I love her sense of humour. She came up with some great ways of decorating and packaging.
The brown paper that comes in all our deliveries got well used with wrapping gifts and then decorating with fab bows.
Phew! Have I got time for a wee break? Nuh. Gotta check out the Demonstration booths that are spread around the main room. Madonna Dunn had some different ways on using our markers. Kim Gavarra got me excited with our watercoulour crayons on fabric. That is a must try.
Oh I nearly forgot, I made a decoration to put on the tree and received a free gift for doing so. How good is that?. Running out of time so looks like the make and takes that we all received will be done at home. Had to go pack up the brayer table with the others and say goodbye to my new found friends. Then home, once again beating the storm. Thunder and lightning and torrential rain sent us to bed early making sure we pulled out all the power leads from the appliances. Ahhh what a day.

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